Does Ford's announcement of a EV-To-Grid System help it gain ground on EV Rivals?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
On August 18th, Ford Unveiled 'Intelligent' System for Plug-in Hybrids to Communicate with the Electric Grid.   This was major announcement for Ford as the company prepares to significantly enter the PHEV/EV market in the next two years.  The big question is, does this announcement help Ford gain ground on EV Rivals?

The short answer: Yes, it helps somewhat.  Ford, like every large Electric Vehicle company, needs to work with DOE's Clean Cities and Smart Grid to ensure there is somewhere their customers can charge their new cars, pay for charges, and not take down the grid doing it. 

Smart Charging via a Smart Grid has huge features, especially in terms of preserving/controlling our electrical system when EV's are everywhere.  It's in our nation's best interest that don't do something stupid like introduce a new transportation technology that takes down the county's electrical grid.

...after all: no watts, no GDP. 

That's why the DOE is promoting Smart Grid and Clean Cities to herd suppliers and governments into a common vision for supporting renewable energy and EVs.  This includes auto makers like Ford to make sure their cars can talk to electrical grid with a common socket and communications language.  It also includes planning for the charging infrastructure which will eventually replace the gas pump in our lifetimes.  The impact of adopting EVs will be a positive change for the climate, auto industry, and consumer.

All this said, Ford is smartly doing what other manufacturers are doing...they have to make it easy for us to fill up and pay for the "gas"...all without knocking out the power grid.  After all, we get real cranky when a power outage takes out the A/C for 2 hours.