Florida Renewable Energy Expo

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Yea!  Mark will be speaking at the Florida Renewable Energy Expo this weekend (10/24-10/25).

I'll be speaking both days of the Expo with an hour timeslot (12-1pm).  I've actually known that I was on the agenda for about a month and have been busy working on my presentation.  The presentation is called "The State of Charge" and it covers the whole EV space, with an emphasis on Infrastructure...of course!  It also appears that I'll be giving the presentation to a few local governments that would like a private presentation to their staff.

To get a "local" perspective of what Central Florida is doing to prepare for EVs, I've been meeting and talking to many people in government, utilities, and business to understand how they're preparing for EVs next year.  The good part is that there is a good nucleus of planning activity going on in the Orlando area and we're working on becoming a RMI Project Get Ready Pioneer City...hopefully, we'll be the first metro in Florida to do so.  That said, I'm working with the "Get Ready Central Florida" committee to ensure that we cross the finish line first.  The RMI guys have created a nice recipe to help a metro "Get Ready" and the other pioneer cities offer some great support and insight (thanks Jeff Barghout in Raleigh!).

Next week, I'll post my presentation on my site and and finish up some blog articles that I've been working on.