28 Minutes with Felix Kramer

Thursday, February 25, 2010
To me, Felix Kramer is the Yoda of the modern day push for Electric Vehicles...and I mean this in a good way.  While he's not 3ft tall and doesn't have big ears, he is a bit nerdy and has been a passionate and rational champion of EVs throughout the 2000s since he started CalCars in 2002.

CalCars created the first Prius Plugin conversion in 2004 and with that he became the "world's first non-technical consumer owner" of a PHEV. Since then, he's been advising and speaking about EVs...pushing their adoption as a viable path to energy independence, cheaper transportation, and especially a big way forward to curbing climate change.

In this 28 minute interview from BigThink, Felix addresses topics like...
  • How will a cleaner electric grid make cars cleaner?
  • How can business and government work together to allow for this to happen?
  • How efficient is the electrical production of energy?
  • Are there any fears that the lithium used to create so many batteries is an unsustainable resource?
  • Do you think America can lead the transition to electric cars?
  • Which countries are currently leading in this field?
  • How can we overcome the huge costs of creating sustainable energy is America?

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