Electric sex on wheels: The Fisker Karma

Monday, May 31, 2010 0 comments
On May 17th, the Fisker Karma made it's way to Orlando on it's nationwide tour. The car was at Fields BMW in Winter Park for 2 hours to let people have a look at this gorgeous EV.

Spectators were able to get in and around the car without limit, kinda nice considering this prototype is two of a kind in the world. However, it was at a posh BMW dealership, everyone was dressed up, and there was champagne flowing...so the biggest risk was a spilled drink..

The car was beautiful...inside and out. Here are some noteworthy tidbits that I learned...

EV Automakers: Can you standardize on where we'll plug-in your cars?

Dear EV Automakers,

Thanks so much for standardizing on the plugset for charging the new electric vehicles...but now could you standardize on WHERE you put the charge receptacle on the car? 

Why?  Because it will make it easier to standardize on where we install the chargers (EVSE).  This might sound like a trivial gripe, but people will likely be charging their car EVERY day...so a small inconvenience will become a big one over time....kinda like pulling up to the gas pump on the wrong side because you drove someone elses car.

Of the EVs that will be released this year, they all have different places where you plug them in.  For instance...

UCF's New Solar Powered Charging Station is a "Test Mule" in Disguise

Sunday, May 16, 2010 5 comments
Update: This project was featured in the cover story in the Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Trade Magazine - Click here to read.

I recently finished a Case Study for Palmer Electric in Winter Park, Florida on the largest Solar Powered EV Charging Station in Central Florida...and it might the largest in the Florida. But this station is much more than it appears, as it's actually a "test mule" to allow the University to test new technology that will make the process of charging EVs from Solar more efficient.

The University of Central Florida's College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (my alma mater) is working on new technology to increase the efficiency of power conversions...specifically DC-DC power conversions. The big idea is to make the conversion from photons (sunlight) to EV powering electrons much more efficient...like 2x more efficient.