How 16 metros are getting ready for EVs

Saturday, May 5, 2012

One of the best resources for a city/metro to learn about EV Readiness is Project Get Ready by the Rocky Mountain Institute.  They've been behind the transition to EVs for many years and they've created a list of best practices (Menu) based on new research and lessons learned from the prior launch of EVs in the 90s.

Project Get Ready was a big help for my hometown (Orlando) to jumpstart our readiness program starting in 2009, and it's worked pretty good so far - we've got about 100 EVs on the road that I know of (65 Volts, 30 Leafs, 10 Fiskers, and a few Teslas) being supported by nearly 150 public EVSE funded in part by ChargePoint America.

Project Get Ready just released a new case study of 16 metros (see below) around the world.  It's an easy read and informs you of each area's status, incentives, and current initiatives.  You can download the full report here:  Success favors the informed and prepared!

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona (nice fuel mix!)
  • Berlin
  • Brabantstad
  • Goto Islands, Nagasaki
  • Hamburg
  • Helsinki
  • Kanagawa (most EVs on the road now)
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • North East England
  • Portland
  • Research Triangle, NC
  • Rotterdam
  • Shanghai
  • Stockholm


  • Rubin Tobias

    Now there's an EV group worth supporting. Their car conversion initiative is definitely something that car makers and owners alike should back.

  • Karin Bechard

    I think it's great they're getting ready for EV cars because I think in the next few years, they will dominate the road. Not only they're Eco-friendly, they're efficient too.