Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Vendors/Manufacturers

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Vendors/Manufacturers
a.k.a. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, EV Chargers
Updated: 2/21/13

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  1. ABB
  2. AeroVironment
  3. Aker Wade  (Level 3)
  4. Alpha Energy (Solar Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles)
  5. Andromeda Power (Level 3)
  6. Avcon
  7. Better Place 
  8. Blink Network (from ECOtality North America)
  9. ChargeIQ (Aussie)
  10. ChargeMaster (UK)
  11. ChargePoint (Netherlands)
  12. Control Module Industries (EVSE LLC)
  13. Coulomb  (Product Review)
  14. Clipper Creek
  15. DBT USA
  16. Eaton Corporation
  17. ECOtality North America (f.k.a. eTec)
  18. Elektromotive (UK) 
  19. Erg-Go
  20. Etrel (Slovenia)
  21. E-Totem (Swiss)
  22. EV Box (Netherlands)
  23. EVCharge America
  24. EVergreen Time to Charge (Danish)
  25. Evoasis
  26. EVoCharge
  27. EVSEUpgrade (Modify Nissan Leaf Portable Chargers to be Level 1 & Level 2)
  28. EyeOnPower  (acquired by ABB)
  29. General Electric  
  30. GRIDbot
  31. Green Charge Networks  (Mobile Level 3)
  32. Green Garage Associates - Juice Bar 
  33. GoSmart - ChargeSpot 
  34. HaloIPT (Wireless Chargers - NZ - Now owned by Qualcomm)
  35. Lear (OEM for General Motors)
  36. Legrand
  37. Leviton  
  38. Liberty PlugIns
  39. Optimization Technologies (OpConnect)
  40. Plugless Power (Evatran Wireless Chargers)
  41. Park and Power (UK)
  42. Parkpod
  43. Pep Stations
  44. Plug Smart (Intelligence for GE Charging Stations)
  45. RWE
  46. Schneider Electric  
  47. SemaConnect
  48. Siemens 
  49. Shorepower
  50. SPX Service Solutions
  51. WiTricity (Wireless Chargers)
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